Sleep is one of the most fundamental aspects of health. Nearly all life on the planet sleeps. Humans can go longer without food than sleep. Only air and water are more important to us. It is meant as a means to rejuvenate us on all levels, right down to the cellular level. It’s is a critical process in growth, healing, detoxification, immune function, hormone regulation, and mental and emotional well-being. Nearly every other health and wellness practice is dependent on good high-quality sleep as foundational bedrock.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle encourages less sleep and even more importantly, sleep of lower quality. Sleep is often broken and fragmented. Excess light disruption our normal hormonal cycles, disrupting our normal diurnal rhythms. Many of the medicines and recreational substances we use, some even to try to grant us sleep, strip our sleep of its restorative power. We awake unrefreshed and unrested wearily stumbling through our day only to doze and nod in the same unhealthy pattern.

In our practice, we have numerous interventions to augment and strengthen our natural circadian or daily rhythms so that we both have high-energy days and regenerative sleep at night. We help you to plan for good sleep starts from the moment you wake up. Restoring our sleep helps to improve our mood, restore normal hormone signals, and allow our cells to clear metabolic waste. This gives you back the energy you need to start your day and live the life you want. 

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