Fitness is about so much more than our physique. As human beings, we were built to move. As a neuromuscular medicine specialist, our physicans view our internal organs as the motor for our musculoskeletal system. Though the motor is important, it is built and designed to move the component parts and it is this movement that is the key outcome for us as human beings. 

That being said, strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity are more than just a result of your physical conditioning. They’re also a reflection of your ability to assimilate and incorporate nutrients for fuel and your ability to detoxify metabolic byproducts that result from this movement. Our goal will be to help you optimize all systems and will frequently use fitness measurements as a metric to your overall health and wellness. 

We will encourage you to find the most enjoyable, safe and beneficial fitness routines possible for you. We are training in exercise prescription writing, and with your input will tailor a routine to work on strength, flexibility and aerobic tolerance. We use Physitrack to send fully narrated exercise videos straight to your smartphone or computer. You can download the patient app to track your progress and enable reminders to keep you motivated. The app also allows for you to track your data to see how your performance has changed over time. The app also allows you to ask questions about exercises prescribed to you by our physicians. Click here to learn more.

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