Detoxification is the metabolic process, by which, toxins are changed into more readily excitable substances. This process is best known to take place in the liver, but also occurs in may other organs in the body including: lymph tissues, kidneys, skin, lungs and the gut. Toxins fall into two main categories: exogenous - things that are found the environment around us, and endogenous - things that are produced by our own bodies as a byproduct of many metabolic processes. 

We are exposed to exogenous toxins in our environment every day. This is a natural consequence of living within our modern environment in a post-industrial era. Manufacturing processes create many chemicals, including heavy metals, that our body needs to get rid of every day. With an ever-expanding number of chemicals and new compounds being introduced into industry every day, most of which are not well studied for their effects on the human body (we tend to use animal models for all studies), the burden of detoxification can disrupt biochemical processes in our bodies. Sometimes, toxic burdens, known in functional medicine as the total toxic load, can become too burdensome to our bodies and create disease.  

Our goal is to reduce the burden to your body and to safely assist you in detoxifying your body in a safe and healthy manner. We need to ensure that you have the correct vitamins, minerals and nutrients present to change toxic chemical into a form that your body can rid itself of and to ensure that you genetic pathways for methylation, reduction and transsulfuration are not affected by common genetic mutations. We start by limiting new exposure to toxins in your environment and then making sure that your pathways are able to clear current toxins within your body. 

Toxins come from many places, and we will look at common sources with you to help to make small changes that make a big difference in your daily life.

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