How are we keeping you safe?
Do you still do virtual appointments?

Our goal is to help you optimize your health and keep you safe during your appointment. Our practice opened during the pandemic as a virtual practice to keep everyone safe for their visits. We understand that virtual is not for everyone, and all of our skills couldn't be offered via telemedicine. For these reasons, we are now seeing patients in person in Northfield, NJ. Our goal has not changed and we want to help you to optimize your health in the safest way possible! We will still be offering virtual appointments for any patients that wish to remain virtual, however, we are now open in person, especially for Osteopathic Manipulation and Prolotherapy!

What are your current cleaning measures?
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We've placed HEPA filters in treatment and consultation rooms to keep you safe. We've also partnered with Truce cleaning products to disinfect all common surfaces and tables between patients. Read more about Truce Products and O3 Waterworks below!

Truce Cleaning Products O3 Waterworks
What cleaning products do we use?
Truce and O3 Waterworks

We believe in simple, yet effective products for cleaning. This is why we use Truce All-Purpose Cleaner to disinfect between patients. This is a product we recommend for cleansing in your home as well because of its simple ingredients and its safety profile. Truce contains: Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Organic Castile soap, Peppermint essential oil, and Rosemary essential oil. The concentration of Isopropyl alcohol remains above 70%, which is EPA approved for killing Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. More information can be found here: Truce Clean

We also use ozone in our office to clean common surfaces for those patients who may be sensitive to smells. Simply let us know and we have aqueous ozone available to use instead. Ozone is a very strong oxidant and virucide and is also an effective way to disinfect common surfaces. We use O3 WaterWorks Products and more information can be found here: O3 WaterWorks

Have the physicians received the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Both Dr. Davis and Dr. Wells have been vaccinated against SARS-Cov-2 with the Moderna Vaccine. According to the World Health Organization: 

How efficacious is the vaccine?

The Moderna vaccine has been shown to have an efficacy of approximately 92 percent in protecting against COVID-19, starting 14 days after the first dose.

Does it work against new variants?

Based on the evidence so far, the new variants of SARS-CoV-2, including the B.1.1.7 and the 501Y.V2, do not alter the effectiveness of the Moderna mRNA vaccine. The monitoring, collection, and analysis of data on new variants and their impact on the effectiveness of COVID-19 diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines continue.

Are masks required?

Masks are required while in our office. During your consultation, we will be wearing N95 rated respirators and face shields. This is for your safety. Because we spend so much time with you and examining and treating you, this is for both of our protection. We ask that you be as considerate during your appointment and keep your mask in place, over your nose and mouth. We require the mask to be at least two layers, and no Gaitors will be allowed to wear as a mask as they do not conform to the face well enough to stop respiratory droplets. If you do not have a mask that meets these requirements, a surgical mask will be provided for your use as a one-time courtesy.