Do you accept insurance?
No, we use reimbursify!

We are not affiliated with any insurance companies at this time. This does not mean that your insurance will not cover your visits! We've teamed with Reimbursify to get your claim submitted for your out-of-network benefits in under a minute. Each policy varies for a percentage of reimbursement, but most patients see 80% coverage for our services. We do not accept responsibility for the cost of your visit if you are not reimbursed by your insurance company. 

What are the advantages of our insurance-free practice?

  • Advanced care. Being “insurance-free” allows doctors to recommend the most advanced therapies and testing. One study showed that conventional doctors took an average of 17 years to change behavior, from the time of new scientific information. The insurance model keeps doctors stuck in the current “standard of care” because that is often what is reimbursed, even if that standard of care is outdated. They often do no cover cutting edge forms of care or the hands-on approach that we love. 
  • Personalized care. We base treatments on the best possibilities for an individual with a unique genome, microbiome, structure and lifestyle, instead of basing our treatments simply on what the insurance company tells us they’ll pay for.
  • Time.  Insurance reimburses doctors’ visits that typically last about 15 minutes. We often spend over an hour with our new patients, getting a comprehensive assessment. We have to know what is going on in your life before we can improve it.
  • Flexibility.  There are no restrictions on where or how your care can be given – in office, home, phone, or video. We can meet patients where they are.
  • 1:1 personal relationship. There’s no one in between your doctor and you (not even front desk staff!) It’s a true partnership. Your doctor is only working for you. They are not caught in a triangle between you, insurance, and administration.
  • Transparency.  There is no guessing game of what’s covered, surprise lab bills in the hundreds of dollars for necessary tests that you felt should be covered. We spell out lab costs, decide together which tests are important, and let you know the pricing will be upfront. We also offer much lower, direct pay pricing on many common labs.
  • No barriers to seeking care and support when you need it. There are no penalties for seeing us (like co-pays). In our model, we expect to see our patients frequently so that we can help them through the healing process.
Link to Reimbursify
Do you accept insurance for tests?
It depends.

We are partnered with certain lab companies that process through most insurance companies at a lower fixed amount to attempt to keep costs down. Some specialty labs may not be covered by your insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company regarding deductibles and reimbursement for out-of-network labs. We have specific labs that we know and trust, and if this is covered by your insurance company great!